Monday, September 9, 2013

Informatica development

So I have been working in Informatica recently, and I haven't really had much to post about as my main specialty is in SSIS/SQL/C# ETL, but it is coming along.  Learning a lot of things, and I may have some time to get tips and tricks out for things I am finding tricky in Informatica. When I have time I think I will give a post about how to pull a single record from a group of records based on sorting, as this is one of the things I think is not well explained in Informatica, and is much easier using SQL.  I also have a complete SSIS examples library to post at some point.  Which was the original point of this whole blog actually, but real life programming concerns have somewhat derailed that ambition.  I also have examples of how you can do quick ETL in C# using sql bulk loader, which I hope to get up on the site as well.  So just a small update that yes, in fact, I am still alive and kicking and still thinking of things to post here.